Things to consider when comparing serviced and non-serviced offices

Things to consider when comparing serviced and non-serviced offices


When you rent (or lease) non-serviced offices then you are responsible for all costs with exception of renting office (or indeed any commercial property). On the face of it lower rent can look appealing but you need to lock out the following costs that you will incur that are normally included with serviced offices (you should use the following as a checklist to ensure that they are indeed included)

1. Business rates. As you will appreciate this is the second biggest cost and therefore can offer a considerable saving when going for serviced offices. Please note that registered charities can quite often get 85% relief and therefore it is not quite the same advantage.

2. Electric. The standing charges and electricity used should be included within serviced offices although quite often subject to a fair use policy.

3. Heating. This also includes the maintenance and repair of the heating system as well as the standing charge for the gas/electric is one of the energy use.

4. Telephone installation and line rental. This tends to vary from serviced provider to provider some charge for the installation and setup of the handset etc while others include this in the rental. Most charge for the cost of calls, although this is normally more economical than going direct to BT as the landlord uses his book buying capacity and passes a portion of this on. Please note one of the main UK suppliers of serviced offices does make quite a high charge as an extra for this item.

5. Broadband. The line rental and basic supply is normally included within serviced although can be subject to fair use policy.

6. Building insurance. This will be included with serviced offices although with on service offices and commercial properties are tenant is usually reliable.

7. Maintenance. Maintenance of building envelope will be included within the cost of serviced offices. In this can go either way with un serviced and it is something to watch out for. for example I was involved in the lease of the shop and within a listed building and whilst I only occupied something like 2% I was charged a proportion of all the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the building which was quite a considerable cost of which the landlord was the only benefactor.

8. Cleaning. The cleaning of the circulation areas etc will be included in the cost of serviced offices and sometimes the basic cleaning of the office itself is included.

9. Meeting/Board room. Quite often serviced offices include a professional meeting room or boardroom which tenants are able to use either free of charge or at a nominal cost. Whilst you can not personalise this it does give you the opportunity to present the right impression to your clients and enables you to have better facilities than you would have in non-serviced offices. Again please note that one of the main UK suppliers of serviced offices does charge quite a high rate for meeting rooms that is based on per person per hour as a cost come soon mount up. Smaller serviced office supplies tend to be more reasonable and just charge them all in per hour rate or day.

10. Furniture. Whilst not normally being included in the basic rate this can quite often be quite economically added to the rent and helps with cash flow and budgeting.

In conclusion taking into account all the costs serviced offices can work out cheaper and take away the headache of the Administration in dealing with all these other items. So when comparing the two it will be worthwhile just finding out the cost of each heading and jotting down to do an accurate comparison. Serviced offices also have the advantage that you know your monthly costs and therefore budgeting can be so much easier with no severe shocks.

I hope this has been helpful.


10 Things to Consider When Renting an Office

10 Things to Consider When Renting an Office


1. Depending on the nature of your business and whether you need to be on the high street to meet potential clients or your requirements are purely and simply for your own personal office needs. The actual location would then become your key consideration in deciding on an office.

2. Various options are available when sourcing an office to rent these can vary from basic tenancy agreements on a month by month basis to a more detailed contract covering potentially a ten-year term very often these will have a five-year break clause built into them.

3. A new concept has arrived on the market this is referred to as’ hot desking’ which is simply a method of actually renting a desk generally within an open plan office at an all inclusive cost. Again this can be agreed on a month by month basis which can be very cost-effective but as you may expect you will be charged a premium for this flexibility.

4. Managed offices offer the growing business a facility to appear far more substantial than they actually may be which for marketing purposes could meet your criteria.

5. Managed offices generally include all overheads such as business rates, heating, electricity and quite often will have a receptionist to deal with visitors, distribute mail and any general enquiries. Obviously this attracts a fee which needs to be taken into account.

6. Serviced offices whilst similar to a managed office offer the flexibility of an independent office within a suitable office environment but which is totally independent. The serviced office does not generally include a receptionist but would include the previously mentioned overheads.

7. Conventional rental of office space is always an option however in the current economic climate this may not be advisable certainly on a private basis.

8. Furnished or unfurnished offices are available but the key to this would be what deals are available bearing in mind the number of offices actually vacant during the present economic crisis which we are in; the potential tenant is in a strong position.

9.  Once you have decided on an office as previously stated you are in a very strong position and as such you should be able to negotiate a discounted rental or failing that certainly a rent free period.

10. As in all business deals you should exercise due diligence to ensure that you have a legal contract in place which is not detrimental to you or your business and if you are not happy with it strike it out or simply walk away, the chances are your potential landlord certainly if they happen to be a private or independent owner should be amenable to a deal to ensure securing a new tenant.


Quality Commercial Offices in Preston

Professional Managed Offices: We currently have 2 offices available for rent on Preston Docklands with a further three available shortly.

Office 1 1st Floor at Barbury House, Hardy Close, Preston, PR2 2XP. 203 sq ft (suitable for up to about 4 people). All inclusive monthly rent of  £450  excluding VAT

Office 9 Ground Floor at Barbury House, Hardy Close, Preston, PR2 2XP. 287 sq ft (suitable up to about 5 to 6 people). All inclusive monthly rent of  £620 excluding VAT

Office 10 Ground Floor at Barbury House, Hardy Close, Preston. 336sq ft (suitable up to about 6 to 10 people). All inclusive monthly rent of  £700 excluding VAT

Office 11 & 12 Ground Floor at Barbury House, Hardy Close, Preston.143sq ft (suitable up to about 2 to 4 people). All inclusive monthly rent of  £300 excluding VAT

Site under construction and more details to follow shortly.

Call 01772 725777

or email for more infomation


The property is located on the Docklands area of Preston, on the Nelson Court Business Centre, just off Chain Caul Way.  Preston City Centre is approximately 2 miles to the east and junction 1 of the M55 is approximately 4 miles to the north. Local businesses include McDonalds, KFC, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Makro and Morrison’s supermarket.


A modern build of part brick construction and part metal clad elevations comprising a series of private, self contained office suites.  Internally, there is a communal entrance together with a communal kitchen and WC facilities. A meeting room is located on the ground floor for use by all tenants on a booking system.

The offices available are on the first floor of the property and benefit from the following features:

  • All-inclusive rents, including rates, power and lighting, heating, cleaning, building insurance
  • Intercom entry system.
  • Broadband
  • State of the art VOIP Telephone infrastructure
  • Perimeter 3 compartment trunking
  • Cat 6 cabling
  • Fitted out to a professional modern standard including carpets, Suspended ceiling etc
  • Furniture can be provided if required.

On the ground floor there is an adjoining workshop unit, which could be made available.  This workshop unit benefits from concrete block construction and part profile cladding, an automatic up and over door, fluorescent strip lighting and a concrete floor.


Sufficient parking is available at the front and rear of the property.


New leases are available on flexible terms.